UK Sewing Machines

Parts of your sewing machine....


Thread take-up  --   stop and start with this leaver in its high text position.  This will keep your needle from unthreading whilst you are sewing.


Presser foot lifter --  this is usually located on the back of the sewing machine. I you will use it to raise and lower the Presser foot. Raise it to remove or insert fabric. Remember to always lower it tot start sewing.


Presser foot. -- when this foot is lowered it will hold the fabric in place when you are sewing.


Flywheel --  the flywheel on the right hand side of the machine turns around as the sewing machine goes. You can turn the flywheel towards yourself to raise and lower the needle to find the exact petition you want. 


Stitch width selector  --  this is located in the front of the machine. Adjust the dial or leavehttp Chang the stitch from a straight stitch to a zig zag stitch. Use straight stitches until you are confident in using your machine.


Stitch length selector  --  this is also located on the front of your machine. This changes the length of your stitch so adjust to suit the knees of your project.  If you are unsure what length to use we recommend a medium stitch.


If you need additional help with your machine feel free to give us a ring on 01748 811593