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there is a lot of debate around water filters and de-ironised water!

Firstly we are a main dealer for Elnapress, Domena, Pfaff, singer, Blanca & FastPress. we also run our own B&B with the highest rating in our area so ironing is not just selling boxes it is something we invest in and spend a lot of time getting the right products.

We have found lots of problems with buying water that claims to be limescale free, what you need to watch out for is the PH, as if the wrong PH the Water filter will still deteriorate just as quick as it would with normal water.

With the initial investment of the press, we recomend using de-ironised water and filters at the same time as they are expensive peces of equipment and the value in them been up and running far outweighs the initial cost when you factors in time saved, especcially if you have staff.

We use the Small Pfaff roller press (560), as we are tight on space but we can iron 3 full sets of bedding in an hour from turning on the press, 8 sets of bedding in 2 hour's. as we described we are ironing at a high standard to keep our good ratings.

Because of the huge time savings we can not recommend more highly to regularly change your water filters, and to keep the iron in perfect order make sure your cover and foam padding is in good order as you can quickly get poor results using old damaged covers.

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