UK Sewing Machines

 What do I need to start sewing?


Starting to sew can be exciting and overwellming at the same time.  Here is a simple guide to helping you figure out the equipmement you might need.  Hope this infromation helps you on your way.......


The minimum  equipment

  • At least two pairs of scissors (one pair of embroidery scissors for cutting threads and trimming fabrics and the other a pair of cutting shears for cutting fabric).  I personally would have an additional pair of scissors to cut paper, card or other none fabric items. Using fabric scissors for this purpose will cause them to blunt very easily.
  • Pins  -  These are needed to keep fabric together before sewing them together on a permanent basis.
  • Needles  -  A good selection of different needles is advisable antd they will then let you tackle any sewing project.
  • Thimble  -  This protects your finger when hand sewing.
  • Threads  -  You will need a selection of threads.  Some for hand sewing and others for machine/overlocker sewing  and the more colours you have the better. Threads can be cotton, polyester or rayon depending on the fabric you are using and your finished results.
  • Seam ripper  -  This can also be called a scratch ribber and is used to remove ant stiches that have been sewn in the wrong place.  They come in various sixes and shapes  and often have a lid on them to protect you from the sharp point when not in use.  I used this alot when I was learning to sew!
  • Sewing box to keep everything in. The size and shape of your sewing box largely depends on what equipment you have and you available storage at home.
  • Tape measure  -  This is essential toi measure body shapes, fabric and seams etc.  Ideally you need one that has both metric (centimeters) and imperial (inches) measurements on them. 
  • Zips  -  We recoment that you keep a couple of zips in your sewing kit as they come in handy in a variety of projects.
  • Haberdashery  -  A selection of haberdashery including buttons and fasteners
  • Pin cushion/cady  -  This will keep your pins and needles safe and at hand.
  • Sewing Machine - You could go on all day but generrally look for a machine arround £200-£350 and you will get a good machine.

You may also need an ironing board and iron for pressing your sewing.


We hope this helps you to get started.  Please ring us if you require more advice on (01748 811593).  Look out for our page that will follow on different types of cutting tools......


Enjoy and happy sewing!