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Domena SP4000 Steam Ironing Press


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Give yourself more time now with a domena steam press!

SP4000 steam presses from Domena. For real ironing comfort nothing compares with this 2200 watt, Domena pressure assisted steam ironing press. Steam generator produces 90g/min on demand. 1 litre reservoir can be filled any time giving uninterrupted ironing.

Operate standing or sitting, heat plate opens automatically. With 100lbs of pressure it is unbeatable for large items such as bed linen and curtains etc. Features wide angle opening, anodised heating plate, temperature control guide, safety cut out, detachable cord and integral anti-scale system. Locking handle for easy carrying and storage.

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Technical Ironing Press Details

  • 90g/min steam output.
  • Large soleplate equal to 5 conventional irons
  • Integral anti-scale system
  • Automatic 100lbs pressure with fingertip control
  • Temperature control guide

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What is the Domena Difference?

The Domena Difference in its range of ironing products is the unique and patented technology that Domena uses. Domena is the only manufacturer of steam generator products that does not employ a pressurised boiler system. Instead Domena use a steam disc, which is heated to high temperatures, and which creates steam when cold water is pumped into it. At no time is there any pressure build-up inside the generator unit.

1. 3-minute heat-up times - Domena for years was the only manufacturer to offer this fast start-up. Some models now have a 2-minute heat-up, making a Domena steam generator as quick to heat up as a conventional iron, especially beneficial when there is just e.g. a shirt or a blouse to be ironed.
2. Instant restart - when the water tank is refilled, because the steam disc never cools down, ironing can immediately re-commence. No other steam generator iron can offer this, if the iron reservoir(s) run dry.
3. Effective anti-scale protection - only Domena offer effective protection against the effects of scale, because their irons have integral anti-scale cartridges in the water tanks, which remove the harmful scale. Those models with E.M.C. (Electronic Mineral Control) offer a 6-year anti-scale guarantee, and only Domena can do this.
4. Higher steam outputs - as a consequence of this technology, Domena models can achieve steam output levels of over 100 g/min., up to 140 g/min., on boost settings.
5. Jet of Steam, facility - Domena was the first manufacturer of steam generator irons to offer the ability to project a jet of steam forwards onto the garment, especially useful when there is a difficult crease to tackle.
6. Auto-stop - at the moment Domena is the only manufacturer of steam generator irons to offer an automatic shut-off when the iron or steam trigger has not been used for some time.
7. Energy efficient - because Domena uses a steam disc, the water in the tank is only ever heated once, i.e. when it is pumped into the disc. All pressurised boiler systems have to keep heating and re-heating the same water in the tank to maintain their steam output levels.

GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY WITH A Domena steam press 4000 (SP4000) from us.

Please Note the Domena SP4100SP4000 now come with a How to use Steam Press DVD.



  • Wide angled opening for larger items.
  • Can be operated whilst seated. Includes instruction DVD.
  •  Locking handle for easy storage and carrying.
  • Suitable for left and right hand use.
  • Includes a small ironing cushion.
  • 2200 watts.
  • Anodised soleplate equal to 7 normal irons.
  • 750ml water tank. Uses tap water.
  • Can be refilled with no delay.
  • 100lbs pressure with fingertip control.
  • 90g/min continuous steam.
  • Steams all fabrics.
  • Anti-drip feature.
  • Integral anti-scale system.
  • Safety cut-out feature when closed.
  • Temperature control dial and light.
  • Safety thermal cut-out.

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