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Pfaff Seam Guide Foot with IDT D E F G J

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Pfaff Seam Guide Foot with IDT D E F G J


This foot will fit the following pfaff sewing machines;

(D): stretch & Jeans 6091, Tipmatic 6122, Tipmatic 6152, Tiptronic 6232, Tiptronic 6250, Tiptronic 6270, Select 1530, Select 1536, select 1538, select 1540, select 1546, select 1548, select 3.0select 4.0

(E): Tiptronic 2020, toptronic 2030, tiptronic 2040, Expression 2024, expression 2026, expression 2028, expression 2034, expression 2036, quilt expression 2042, quilt expression 2044, quilt expression 2046, Creative 212

(F): Creative 7560

(G): Expression 2038, Quilt Expression 2048, Performance 2054, Performance 2056, Performance 2058, Creative 7530, Creative 7550, creatice 7562, creative 7570, creative 2134, creative 2140, creative 2144, creative 2170

(J): Creative Vision, Pfaff Creative 2.0Pfaff Expression 2.0Pfaff Expression 3.0Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0, Pfaff Creative 4.0

The Seam Guide Foot with IDTTM guides your stitching perfectly when joining fabrics. The presser foot is designed to help you keep the seam allowance at the same distance from the edge throughout the project. The presser foot has a metal guide at 5/8 inch distance from the center needle position, which is the most used seam allowance when sewing clothes. It has four more markings for various seam allowances.

1. Snap on the Seam Guide Foot with IDTTM.
2. Engage the IDTTM.
3. Select a straight stitch.
4. For joining fabrics together; place fabric right sides together.
5. Place the fabric under the presser foot with the metal guide at the edge of the fabric for 5/8 inch seam allowance.
6. Start to sew. The guide will follow the edge of the fabric and the seam will be sewn with the perfect straight seam allowance.
7. Use the 4 other red markings on the presser foot for a narrower seam allowances.

820772-096 with IDTTM



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