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YKK Strong Metal Tooth Open End or Two Way Zip

YKK Zips


This is the brand behind your top quality jackets, barbour, bell staff etc. comes in antique brass finish.

we have a range of very high quality metal zips with a verity of colours in open end jacket type. we also have a selection of two way metal zips in black for fitting in to your longer jackets so you can unzip from the bottom to sit down or drive etc.

If you have already broke a zip, YKK is the only choice. dont settle for Opti, Venus or any other Chinese brand AKK etc. "if its worth repairing, do it right with YKK"

Please note this product has 2 options;

1.Metal Open End Zip - 1 zip puller opens from the top and separates usually for jackets or bags etc.

2.Metal 2 way open end Zip - 2 zip pullers and opens from top, but allows you to also slide the second puller up to flare out the bottom of a long jacket, ideal for driving or sitting while still wearing the coat, mostly zipped up to keep you warm. slide both pullers to the bottom and the coat will open. (None Retail Product - We have this made special for us as so many customers ask for it)

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