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Janome's Fabulous 'Sewing with Style' Sale is now on the brink of extinction.

The sale will end on midnight of the 21st of December.

The Brilliant Quilting sale has seen the XL601, JP760, TXL607 and the DKS30 come with quilting packs worth over £99 pounds


Some Quilting packs include extension tables, walking feet and embroidery feet.

The Almighty sale started on the 2nd of September and an estimated 4000 machines have been sold,

The Best Seller being the 525s - have estimated to have sold nearly 1/4 of the whole sale. 

The 525s - Voted 'Which" Best Buy, is now with a reduced price of 229.00.


With Many of the dealers out of stock after the huge 525 rush,

come and visit us for our unlimited supply of Janome 525s


We at Uk Sewing hope you have a fabulous christmas and a happy new year !


Written by stuart young — December 20, 2013

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