UK Sewing Machines

We have been in business since 1922, as such we have a huge amount of experience with supplying and servicing the education industry. Councils, Schools, drop in centres and University's.

  • Im looking for some new School Sewing Machines
  • Im looking for a new sewing machine Engineer for our school
  • Haberdashery, scissors and supplies for Schools.
  • Looking for built in furniture for your classroom.
We supply schools and organisations around the country and are always happy to discuss tearms (generally 30 days) call us: 01748 811593
Often with deals of 30% off RRP, free tuition and free Demonstrations in store and in your school for our embroidery range we can't be beaten on price or service!
Example school machines
Janome 2522 - only 
Brother NV350 - only
Brother V3 Embroidery Machine - only

School Sales & Service

As the local sewing machine provider we offer large discounts to local Schools (up to 33%) for New machines.


School sewing Machine Servicing Costs

Free for 3 years with our supplied school machines.


£15 For the first 10 machines

£10 for each additional machines

£25 per Embroidery Machine


New Servicing contracts;

First Visit fee of £25 to catalog machines and set up account

£20 for first 10 Machines

£15 for next 5 machines

£10 for any additional machines

£25 per embroidery machine

Travel costs if further that 50 miles from our shop

Note. we are a professional shop so prices Include VAT.


We are Proud Supplyers to...



Thanks for looking

Claire & Stuart