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All about ZIPS

We have a huge selection of zips, over 1000 just from our YKK UK stock to meet all your sewing supply needs.

If you're going to spend time making something then you should put in a zip that will last a lifetime, and for that reason we only stock YKK zips. If you check a zip on most quality goods you will find it was made by YKK.

Similarly, if you're replacing a broken zip, swap it for a YKK.  You won't have to replace it again.


Note. We do not guarantee Delivery times as zips can go out of stock very quickly with big orders.

Dress zips

We stock a range of dress zips in different colours and styles, so you can always find one that's just right.  Go with a regular dress zip or a hidden zip to give your dress an extra smooth line.  We also stock chunky zips, if you want to make the zips a real feature of the garment.

Dress zips are available in the following sizes;

(10cm) 4 inch dress Zip, (15cm) 6 inch dress Zip, (18cm) 7 inch dress Zip, (20cm) 8 inch dress Zip, (25cm) 10 inch dress Zip, (30cm) 12 inch dress Zip, (36cm) 14 inch dress Zip, (41cm) 16 inch dress Zip, (46cm) 18 inch dress Zip, (51cm) 20 inch dress Zip


Metal Zip

We stock extra hard-wearing metal zips from YKK with heavy duty brass, the kind used in rugged clothing like Barbour, Hackett, Berghaus, Belstaff etc.

Metal zips are available in the following sizes;

26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch


Open Ended Zips

For jackets, cardigans, hoodies etc.  Quality open ended zips that won't stick or break with constant use.

Open ended zips are available in the following sizes with;

10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch, 32 inch


Skirt Zips

Slimline, concealed zips for that svelte look, regular nylon skirt zips or bold, chunky zips.  We have zips for every kind of skirt. (Closed end zip)

Follow the Link Below to the Size of Skirt Zip

(10cm) 4 inch skirt Zip, (15cm) 6 inch skirt Zip, (18cm) 7 inch skirt Zip, (20cm) 8 inch skirt Zip, (25cm) 10 inch skirt Zip, (30cm) 12 inch skirt Zip, (36cm) 14 inch skirt Zip, (41cm) 16 inch skirt Zip, (46cm) 18 inch skirt Zip, (51cm) 20 inch skirt Zip



Trouser zips

Classic zips to match every style of trouser, from jeans to dress pants, in plastic, steel and brass. Heavy duty lock zips that won't budge no matter what as they have a special auto locking system which holds them securely in place simply by pushing the metal clasp down. Save yourself from embarrassment with one of these special zips, something all workmen need!

These zips are available in the following sizes;

6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch 


Heavy Duty Zips

YKK zips are all heavy duty zips, engineered to a high standard and manufactured with quality materials.  They're used by some of the biggest names in outdoor fashion like Belstaff, Barbour, Berghaus and Hackett.  These zips can withstand that toughest use without sticking or breaking.

New sizes in our range of Black Vislon Zips, Navy Vision Zips

Open End Heavy Duty Zip & 2 Way Heavy Duty Zip

6inch zip, 18 inch zip, 20 inch zip, 22 inch zip, 24 inch zip, 26 inch zip, 28 inch zip, 30 inch zip, 32 inch zip, 34 inch zip, 36 inch zip, 38 inch zip, 40 inch zip, 42 inch zip, 44inch zip.


Long Zips

Strong metal zips for coats and jackets, or subtle long zips for dresses, we've got a YKK zip to fit your needs.  Extra long zips also available for sleeping bags and other large projects.


Invisible Zipper

Invisible, concealed and hidden zips are all the same forms of concealed zip. for sewing zips you will need an invisible zipper foot for your sewing machine.

8 inch Invisible zip
9inch invisible zip
16inch invisible Zip
22inch Invisible Zip


Aquaseal Water repellent Vislon zips (Jackets, Biker Jackets & Wetsuits)

Our YKK Water-repellent Zips are not 100% Waterproof as you need to go to the tiny teeth could zip to achieve this but they are several times more affective than a standard vislon. Why not upgrade to a PU cited vislon zip now.

Available in Black size 8 for now. Special runs can be made if you want 20 or more but expect a 2-4 week turnaround for special sizes and colours.

Printed Zips

We have seen great success with Nike using YKK Printed Zips it adds such great branding to a garment that is usually on of the Most visible parts of active ware.
Turnaround 3-6 weeks, Minimum order 1200 zips. We need Length, thickness a PDF Logo and the Distance spacing of logo or position of logo specified with a diagram for us to take an order.

Concealed zips

Often referred to as closed end invisible zips we stock a wide colour range and keep large quantities of the standard sizes;

Black Concealed Zips
White Concealed Zips


Coat Zips

A wide variety of coat zips in different materials, styles and lengths for that perfect match. Our YKK zips withstand daily outdoor use easily and will be as smooth the 1000th time you zip up as they were the first. 


Brass Zips

Very popular for jeans and other heavy duty clothing, brass zips look the part and last forever.  Many of our brass zips are also locking zips, so they stay zipped no matter what.


Double Ended Zip - Two-Way

For speciality garments where versatility is paramount, like rain clothes, double ended zips give you that extra flexibility.  Also great as bag zips.


Jean Zip

generally known as auto lock zips they are quality brass zips that won't open unless you pull the puller. 'No embarrmistake popping open of your fly'


Reversible Flip over Zips

Reversible zips are for coats that you can ware inside out or fold pack away, ideal for Northface, Rab packaway jackets.


Zip Shade Card


Take some tip's from the Zip experts, how to sew a zip 

Custom zips can be made if ordered in quantities of 10!

All of our zips are in stock, shipped from the UK and built to last.  

out of stock? you will be given an estimated dispatch in the item description.

Cheap zips are false economy - choose quality.  Choose YKK zips from UK Sewing Machines.