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Hello!  Did you miss us?  Rumours that the UK Sewing site was commandeered by the Kremlin have been greatly exaggerated.  We had a few technical issues, and decided that we could use this as an opportunity to build again from scratch and give you all the best possible online sewing experience.  And here we are!

So how about a brief rundown of what's going on in the UK Sewing shop this week?

Like most of the UK, we're gearing up for the Olympics with our special Union Jack Quilt - we're going to be teaching people how to make this in one of our classes at The Old Tailor, so keep an eye on the timetable if you're interested in showing your patriotism this summer in a classy, home-made sort of way:

That one in the window there has generated quite a buzz, we even had a reporter drop in to ask us about it!

And speaking of quilting, we've just got some very cool new summery quilt fabric in the shop, lots of nice pastel colours and particularly great patterns for baby-related shenanigans.  We'll have these listed online a.s.a.p., but meanwhile feel free to pop into the shop for a gander:

We're also drinking lots of coffee while we try to keep up with updating all of our products on the new website, including our huge range of YKK zips:

... as well as enough sewing machine thread to reach to the moon and back.  Well, almost.  Probably.  We've got cotton thread and silk thread, Gutermann and Madeira, in every possible colour.  No, really:

Well I'd better get back to work.  We'll keep this blog updated with what we're upto in and around the shop, so please check back regularly or better yet pop in for a browse and a chat.  In the meantime, happy sewing!

- The UK Sewing Team

Written by Matthew Tulloch — May 03, 2012

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