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Juki the worlds biggest manufacturer of sewing machines........

And now they are in our shop in Darlington.

Juki make some incredibly strong and quiet machines for use in the home and have been built with their industrial heritage in mind.  We were amazed during our first testing and can't wait to sell you one from our local shop.  We are really impressed how good they are for the money.  Why don't you take a look?

Juki is renouned for its service and backup and can only be bought instore from sewing machine shops with a good reputation.  You can only buy these machines in our shop as they are not available to buy online.  Great news for this brand as some online sewing machine websites do not keep their promises. Did you see the BBC Watchdog programme exposing one particular shop? Not good was it?! We can however promise that our after sales service is second to none as we have been selling and servicing machines since 1922.

We have a 5 Star B&B on our premises that provides regular sewing classes.  We have a super deal for you - spend £500 get a free stay and a free workshop!!!!! Just imagine what fun you will have? So why don't you make it a day out for your new Juki machine and come stay with us? Darlington is easy to get to.  Its on the East rail line and just off the A1 motorway.

Make sewing a pleasure with Juki. When will you buy yours? 

Written by stuart young — October 07, 2012


Jacqui Jennings:

I have recently bought a Juki, watch this space, already impressed with the differential feed on this machine which is the same as industrial machines, which means the machine will sew any fabric of any thickness, with no problem.

November 22 2012 at 09:11 PM

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