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A Quilt that Folds in to itself to make a pillow....


Well the baby is getting older now.  He is 10 weeks old! Can't beleive where the time has gone.  The sunny weather set my mind racing.  We got a tent for Christmas and are planning our 1st adventure as a family.  As you can imagine we have lots to pack even to see my parents in Lancashire nevermind camping!


I will of course be packing my Quillo.  Quillo/Quillow is a quilt and a pillow in one and what is more exciting is that you can make your own here in our classes.  Just imagine where you will use yours....... At home? In the garden? At the park? By the river/lake? In the tent? In the caravan? Or simply on your bed incase the summer nights get a bit cold.


So what is it?  Well it's a quit that neatly folds up into a pillow and I love it because the pouch keeps my toes toasty warm. You could quilt as little or as much as you like and add a strap too.  Come a long and have a go.....


Happy Quillowing.....!


Written by Claire Young — December 01, 2012



H e is such a cutie thanks for the hep with the sewing machine choice love spending dads money lol xx see you soon

April 24 2013 at 10:04 AM


When will you be holding your next quillo class? I would be interested in attending.

January 23 2016 at 10:01 AM

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