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Adjustable Dress Form - SUPAFIT DRESS FORM Super waist line 0654341100136. Size 33 to 39 bust. Size 39 to 45 bust.

Will a Dress Form make sewing easier?
When the dress form has been assembled and adjusted to specific measurements it becomes a replica of the person for whom the garment is being made. Pattern fitting, fabric pinning, tacking, setting in of sleeves and darts, and many more operations can be carried out on the sewing dress form, avoiding the irritation of constantly trying the garment on to judge its fit.

Adjustable Dress Forms and Sewing Manequins
Dress form, dummy, mannequin, dressforms or whatever you call them If you re involved in dressmaking or alterations to garments, you need a Adjustoform Ardis dressmakers dress forms.
A dress form will make garment making and alterations easier, more satisfying and more rewarding than you ever thought possible. It s the only sure way of achieving a really professional look to garments, whether you re making clothes for yourself or someone else.

Please note you will receive a brand new unopened Dressform direct from the UK manufacturer. Delivery times can vary based on demand and time of year (usually between 3-10 days), expedited shipping is not available on Dressforms as they are made and sent in order.

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