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Think as your bobbin case as the heart of your machine, without it your machine is dead and if its damaged your machine will not run like it used too do.

There is 3 main types of sewing machine bobbin case;

1- Shuttle - very old not in production any longer, look a bit like a bullet. Honestly eBay is your best bet to find the one you are looking for.

2- Under Load bobbin case -More Tratitional type or sewing machine, usually found on Industrial style machine or cheep machines to give them some reliability and also still used on many bernina to fit in there narrow design style.

Universal 15K Singer type fits most Makes of machine.

Janome / Newhome - Japanese type Bobbin Case. 647515006

Janome High Speed 1600p Bobbin Case - 767510006

3- Top Load bobbin case  - If you are looking for a machine to enjoy, its a top load machine you want. a good top load machine will give you years of trouble free Sewing. a must for anybody wanting to enjoy what they are doing. with the added bonus of been able to combine the mechanism with extra tools (threadcutter) and sensors etc. because you don't need to remove the bobbin case your tension is much less likely to need adjusting so often.

Pioneered by Singer and now embraced by Janome and Brother in the worlds best selling machines.

Standard top Load Bobbin Cases

Janome Standard - 627569003
Janome bobbin case with thread cutter - 846652009
Janome Embroidery Machine bobbin cases vary, call us.

Freemotion Embroidery Bobbin Cases

Freemotion Bobbin Cases differ in design slightly to allow better control of tricker threads.

Pfaff freemotion quilting bobbin case
Janome freemotion bobbin case



Common bobbin case Problems;

  • thread loose on top of the fabric when stitching
  • Not picking up the thread
  • sewing machine thread snapping a lot
  • Bobbin case jumping about
  • Clunking sound under your needle plate
  • incorrect tension during free motion stitching

The easy solution is to buy a new bobbin case to solve most problems derived from a damaged bobbin case. please note if you have needle marks in your plastic case you can try file them but ultimately you will need a new bobbin case.

Always buy a Manufacturers bobbin case we have seen too many cases cause damage to machines. (especially Bernina, dont mistake there bobbin case for a japanise style 15k)

and of course, the main cause of damage is the wrong bobbin in your bobbin case.


we stock a wide range of new bobbin case and old bobbin cases from the following manufacturers;

Singer Bobbin Cases

Janome Bobbin Cases

Brother Bobbin Case

Elna Bobbin Case

Pfaff Bobbin Casees

Toyota Bobbin Case

New Home bobbin Case

F&R Bobbin Case

E&R Bobbin Case

Husqvarna Bobbin Case

Bernina Bobbin Case


Why not get a 2nd bobbin case so you can set it up for freemotion embroidery without the need to mess on with your original bobbin case,

Freemotion Bobbin Case


Need bobbin case related parts, why not look for;



shuttle race

Needle plates