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We stock Sewing Machine Parts and are a licensed sales and repair centre for Janome, Elna, Pfaff, Singer & Husqvarna.

We stock a full range of manufacturer's spares and accessories, and are always happy to offer advise about what you may need for a particular machine or project, so if you don't see what you're looking for on our site I'm afraid we can't get it for you! - Give us a call with the sad news and we will help you choose a New Machine. (yes we do still trade-in old machines) 01748 811593

Some of our most popular sewing machine parts include presser feet, needles, foot controls, gears and belts, bobbins and bobbin cases, power cables, extension tables and more.

Sewing Machine Foot

The sewing machine parts, commonly known as a presser foot, is a key feature of the modern sewing machine.  Essentially the presser foot holds your fabric in place and acts as a guide, so you can sew neat, precise lines.  Evolutions in sewing machines have led to the development of all kinds of different presser feet suited to different tasks, that make certain kinds of sewing considerably easier.  One example would be the zipper foot that allows for stitching very close to a zip or hem, or the quilting seam foot, which makes it easy to sew precise corners or squares.  Modern sewing machines have clip-on presser feet, which make it easy to switch for different tasks.

We stock a whole range of presser feet for Janome, Elna, Pfaff, Singer and Frister & Rossmann sewing machines, and we use all of these machines ourselves, so if you can't find what you're looking for, or aren't sure what type of presser foot you need, please give us a call or email and we'd be happy to help or check out our more detailed infomation page on Presser Feet.

Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing machine needles come in a wide variety of types and sizes, which can be quite daunting for beginners.  The main thing to keep in mind is that thicker fabric will need a larger needle (so that the needle won't break) while more delicate fabric needs a smaller needle to avoid making visible holes or causing the fabric to become stuck in the machine.

Once you have determined what size of needle to use, there are various different kinds to choose from.  The universal needle is a basic, all-purpose sewing machine needle, a little rounded for use with knitted fabric, but also sharp enough to sew woven fabric.  Denim needles, sometimes known as jeans needles, are very sharp and rigid, for punching through thick fabric like denim and canvas.  Twin needles are used for stitching rows and for decorative stitching.  Ballpoint needles are blunt and used for stitching course knits, lycra and other fabric prone to snagging.

If you're not sure what kind of needles you need, or can't find them on our site, please give us a call or email and we'd be happy to help.

Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

The sewing machine parts or foot controller is a neat little invention that allows you to vary the speed of the machine while you work.  Many foot pedals also act as voltage transformers that allow international machines to work with a UK power supply, and for this reason we always warn people to be wary of buying foot pedals from abroad that may not work in the UK.

Most foot pedals work with a variety of different makes and models of machine, so if you're not sure which pedal you need for your machine, please give us a call or email and we'd be happy to help.  If it's a replacement foot pedal you need, the original model may no longer be in production, in which case we will almost always be able to recommend an ideal substitute.

Sewing Machine Gears and Belts

If your sewing machine develops a fault, we would always recommend taking it to a licensed repair centre (such as UK Sewing), but if that isn't possible, if you're confident of carrying out the repair yourself or getting a local mechanic to do it, we sell spare gears and belts for all popular makes and models of sewing machine.  Because we repair these machines ourselves we list all the parts that we use and are available, Im very sorry many manufacturers are old and have changed hands several times, there is a lot of old machines nothing is available for.

Sewing Machine Power Cable

Power cables can get lost, damaged, crushed under furniture, chewed by beloved family pets... we've all been there.  If you need a new power cable, we'll usually be able to provide a manufacturer's original replacement.  Or alternatively, if for some reason these have been discontinued or are unavailable, a suitable alternative.  If you can't see the power cable you need on our site, or you're not sure which power cable you need, please give us a call or email and we'd be happy to help.

Sewing Machine Extension Table

A sewing machine extension table helps take the weight of larger or heavier fabric, allowing you to stitch more comfortably and precisely - ideal for quilters and dressmakers.

Bobbins and Bobbin Cases

Spare bobbins for keeping lots of different coloured threads handy, and spare bobbin cases to allow you to set up different tensions for different kinds of pattern sewing with minimal fuss and effort.  We stock bobbins and bobbin cases for all the major sewing machine manufacturers, please search our website to find the part you need- using the wrong bobbins and bobbin cases can damage your machine!

Machine Accessories

Janome Accessories & Parts

Fake and Aftermarket Parts

We've noticed an increase in counterfeit sewing machine parts and accessories lately, particularly on eBay. While these may look like a bargain, we've known them to damage machines and fabric. A sewing machine is a complex and precise piece of kit, which is why we only stock manufacturer-approved (OEM) sewing machine parts and spares.