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Pfaff Buttonhole foot and Guide B C D (*C except expression 2014)

Buttonhole Guide Perfect buttonholes with the Buttonhole Guide.When used in conjunction with the special buttonhole Sensormatic on your Pfaff sewing machine, perfect buttonholes can be sewn on even the most difficult fabrics. The Buttonhole Guide improves the fabric feed considerably. Buttonhole Guide_C*/E/F/G 820294-096 only for tiptronic 2010 & expression 2014

this foot would fit the following pfaff sewing machines


(B): Hobby 1020, hobby 1022, hobby 1030, hobby 1032, hobby 1040, hobby 1042

(C): Tipmatic 6110, tipmatic 6112, select 1520, select 1526, select 1528, select 2.0, tiptronic 2010, 

(D): stretch & Jeans 6091, Tipmatic 6122, Tipmatic 6152, Tiptronic 6232, Tiptronic 6250, Tiptronic 6270, Select 1530, Select 1536, select 1538, select 1540, select 1546, select 1548, select 3.0select 4.0

The Buttonhole Foot provides the perfect guide on all fabrics and for every buttonhole. Markings on the foot make placement on the fabric easier. When used with the Buttonhole Guide, buttonholes are easy. (Buttonholes that are to be sewn very close to a reinforced edge may not always feed optimally with the large Buttonhole Foot. In this case, use presser foot 1A with the Integrated Dual Feed engaged.)


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