UK Sewing Machines

Comfort Sewing Cabinets are an Estonian Company that has started making sewing Cabinets recently and delivered Flat Pack.

They are Similar in Shape, Design and colours to the very established Horn Furniture Brand.

Amazon Customer Review "Disappointing quality and a Challenge to assemble"

As they are sold direct to the customer Via Amazon you can not investigate the quality but they often receive 2 to 4 Stars on Amazon on verified reviews.

Based on the Size and functions you Save roughly 10 to 50% against Horn sewing cabinet with All German Components assembled in Kent UK and Hand Delivered by Horn throughout the UK and set up to fit your machine perfectly.

Check them out on amazon Pay your Money and take the chance yours won't be a 2 Star Product that you want to upgrade to a market leader, remember if you have a long arm its not the Maxi Opening like Horn.

If you are shopping solely on price, please follow the link and at least we earn commission and a mother sewing Shop doesn't have to Close Down.

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