UK Sewing Machines

We have had several reports recently from customers that, people have been associating our shop with the fabric market stall on stockton market.

Please be aware they are in no way affiliated with any market stalls, and are a genuine suppliers of quality branded products. Moda, Makower UK, Nutex, dashwood, Tilda, Liberty, Simply among others.

As per the manufacturers website we are the only dealer in the area for the quality brands we sell.

Thats why our Fabric is more expensive, it is the best quality from the best designers across the globe. because we charge mainly £10pm for brands that are £18pm in john lewis i would like to think we are the best value in the area, we certainly beat any online prices.

And if you Have been made to believe we are associated, or remnants of the above brands are on sale, please don't buy fabrics unless you know 100% they are the same weight and quality unless you will get different shrink rates and potentially colour runs.

WARNING All that Glistens is not necessarily gold
We do not Wrap Cotton Poplin on to cards and pass it off as craft cotton or as designer cotton, our cotton poplin runs at £2-£3 per meter. All our bolts are original and the cards display the Manufacturer, barcode or description of the actual fabric. We have recently spotted Makower UK Bolts being used on darlington Market wrapped in poplin worth £2 but (on sale for £6), but without any indication that the fabric being sold is defiantly not Makower UK Craft Cotton, our Rep from the company accompanied us and they confirmed the fabric was not theres and they do not sell remnants to anybody.