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We stock new and used needle plates for current sewing machines and for your vintage treasure. 

Why do i need a needle plate?

It is a very important part of your machine. It sets the pressure and makes sure the fabric feeds properly. You can even get needle plates for different tasks; zig zag needle plates, straight stitch needle plates and feed cover needle plates for free motion embroidery.

singer Needle Plate

Janome Needle Plate

Janome make possible the best quality needle plates and are usually coated in teflon your fabric just doesn't get caught even the most sheer of fabric. we are an official dealer and supply only genuine parts don't accept the mediocre. if you want some help finding the needle plate you need we have created a free Janome needle plate guide.

New Home Needle plate

New home has turned in to Janome now and there is some technology that is still arround, most needle plates are no longer available and the only option would be 2nd hand pollished up parts.

Brother Needle Plate

Jones Needle Plates

Elna Needle Plates

Husqvarna Viking Needle Plate

Pfaff Needle Plates

Looking for the plastic but? you need a bobbin case window or Slide Plate.

Original Vs Aftermarket

We see loads of parts these days on Amazon and Ebay, our recomendation is to check that the seller is a Genuine Dealer, Genuine Parts are only sold to Autorised Shops not Mecanics or mobile technicians, Ebay or amazon Businesses.

Whay do we recoment original Parts, this is a crucial area of your sewing machine, Your thread slipt through the hole and the area arround the hole keeps your fabric tight and stops it from getting caught under. Your fabric needs to slip over the needle and your feed dogs need to grip your fabric. We have found some extreamly soft metal plates that very easily get needle burs and chips under normas sewing conditions causing thread snaping ocasonaly, puckering of stitches and general poor tension all this is from resistance on the thread as it passes through the eye.

Generally Buy Cheep Pay Twice. Look after your machine and it will last Decades.

Something Different 

straight stitch needle plate

singer feed cover plates

other parts often linked with needle plates are the bobbin case window or slide cover plate & The Ever important screw driver for needle plate screws.