UK Sewing Machines

As many of you know we only stock high quality craft cotton (no poplin) that does make our fabric a wee more pricy, but it makes your products a lot more desirable.

What you may not know is we stock a huge amount of fabric not on display in our shop!

Exclusively on amazon and via Phone - 01748 811593


Frozen fabric, £3.50fq or £12.00per metre

our Frozen Fabric in North east fabric shop

Winnie the Pooh Fabric
winnie the pooh Craft fabric and a cot panel

Disney Fabric

Disney cotton fabric

Toy Story
The Good Dinosaur

good dinosaur arlo fabric

Micky Mouse
Mini Mouse


    Star Wars Fabric - Full range imported, shipped from our shop so no import taxes & Fees.  - £3.50fq or £12.00per metre

    Star Wars Fabric UK, Darlington, Durham

    Star Treck Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00per metre


    Pokemon Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00per metre


    The Walking Dead Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00 per metre

     walking dead

    Transformers Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00 per metre


    Spiderman Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00 per metre

     Spiderman fabric for sale

    Batman Vs Superman Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00per metre
    Batman Vs Superman Fabric on display in our Darlington, Durham shop


    Scooby Doo Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00 per metre


    Wonder Woman fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00per metre

    Wonder Woman Fabric retro Batman vs Superman craft quality cotton


    Marvel Fabric - £3.50fq or £12.00 per metre

     comic Book Marvel Fabric, Featuring spiderman, thor, hulk, Iron Man, Captain America super hero and more

    Nautical Fabric


    The Hungry Caterpillar  - £3.00fq or £10.00 per metre