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New knifes or sharpen the blades.

As a rule as we service we have always given the overlocker blades a quick sharpen but even when your doing it everyday it is quits tricky i have quite big hands so holding on and getting the correct angle on the blade can mean a bit of skin loss :( but that been said i was recently on a technical training course with one of the experts from the factory in Japan and he said you should just replace as the level of finish in the factory could never be reproduced by hand on such a small part as the perfect angle is imperative. so with the wise words of the Japanese engineer we have started to gather a huge database of blades that you can use on your overlocker;

Singer Overlocker Knifes

Brother Overlocker Blades

Janome Overlocker Blades

Babylock Blades

Elna Blades

Husqvarna Overlocker Blades

Pfaff Overlocker blades

New Home Overlocker Knife