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We are a Pfaff Iron press dealer that also runs a busy B&B above our shop in the heart of Darlington ( currently ranked No.1 on Laterooms. We beleave this puts us in a unique position to talk about ironing for small business and busy homes.  

We use a Pfaff 560 roller press as we are short on space but on average if our bedding is dried on the machine iron setting we are talking 5-6 sets an hour. That is after a few years practice but even at first we doubled our ironing speed from our domena flat press.

with the aid of the steam function in the Pfaff roller presses we honestly don't think that there is any products that can come close never mind try and keep up. 

Ps if you want to test out a Pfaff press you can always come and do a few sets of bedding for us;)

Claire Young

please not not only do we supply the roller presses from Pfaff but also the ironing boards, replacement water filters, press covers and pfaff ironer parts.

Pfaff 580 the 85cm wide press

pfaff 560 the 65cm wide rotery iron

Pfaff presses are delivered from Germany, have not been opened or used.