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 If you have ever been to our shop yes we love all things mac.

"It just works" me (when anyone asks why we use mac's)

I honestly couldn't be any more excited about this product collaboration between Pfaff & Husqvarna.

We are now able to offer a fully featured embroidery & Digatizing package on the best design environment the Apple Mac OSX operating system.

  • built from the ground up
  • supports all file formats
  • works with all brands of machine
  • Dealers have to pass a certification so im affraid you can't buy from amazon.
Come see us and we will discuss the packages available and the hardware requirements of your mac.

Want to convert to mac from your 5D Package - this can be arranged TruEmbroidery™ Crossover
Want to buy the full TruEmbroidery™ The embroidery software for mac