UK Sewing Machines

A walking foot (Even Feed Foot) is a precise piece of engineering designed to allow you to sew multiple layers of fabric while keeping the top and bottom layers in align with each other. 

It is very important that you purchase the right walking foot for your machine because the feet on the walking foot must perfectly align with the dog feeds on your sewing machine. If it is not aligned, then the walking foot will not help with what you are trying to do. Often, with a cheaper or non-genuine walking foot, you will find that it will not benefit you. 

We stock most brands of walking feet, including;

Janome Walking foot

with 2 types and 3 fittings to choose from janome give you lots of choice, please follow the link above to help you find the even Feed Foot you need.


Brother Walking foot

Brother have 2 types to choose from, please follow our link above to the free information page we have created to help you find what you need.



Altho most Pfaffs do come with th IDT (Integrated Duel Feed) there is some of the new machines that dont have this and will require an accessory.