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Brother PR Multi Needle Embroidery Service - Stokesley, Guisbrough & Surrounding Areas

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Our Brother PR Multi Needle Embroidery Service in Stokesley, Guisbrough & Surrounding Areas includes collection and delivery of your machine after a full Brother Dealer Service.

Turnaround time is usually one week door-to-door. This service is for a fully functional Brother PR Machine and any necessary repairs or parts will be quoted once inspected. We service all Brother PR Machines, including those from eBay or second-hand shops. We understand that some shops only service machines purchased from them, but we are happy to assist regardless. In addition, we offer Brother PR Models for purchase and can arrange a rental if needed while your machine is being serviced. As a bonus, our customers receive the rental for free, but if you purchased the machine elsewhere, the rental is around £200 per week. Simply add this service to your basket, provide your details, and we will coordinate a pickup time. - Stuart


On back order, Expect a delayed delivery.


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