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Domena CR3 Ecofibres Spare Filter Cartridge x6



Domena CR3 Ecofibres spare filter cartridge

Water contains minerals expressed in degrees TH and an acidity rate expressed in PH.

These two elements - minerals and acidity - generate deposits, which may cause alterations that interfer in various means in the appliance s functioning.

EMC anti-scale cartridges bi-component

The cartridge

-eliminates the minerals of tap water throught the exchange of ion (water filtered up to 0TH) to avoid any risk of scaling

-drops the rate of acidity (PH) of demineralized water to avoid any risk of corrosion.


Anti-cale cartridges accept the use of

-tap water

-demineralized water

-water obtained by the condensation of a tumble dryer


Box of 6 anti-scale cartridges for EMC ironing with the CR3 Ecofibres


with cartridge lifetime indicator light you know exactly when to replace your domena cartridge

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