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Heirloom Washable Wool Quilt Wadding 120"x120" King

Hobbs Heirloom

Heirloom Washable Wool GB Product Code
King Size  120 x 120in
Brand : Hobbs

Wool gives warmth and insualtion without weight and yet disperses excess heat. Excellent loft retention.

Quilt Making

Hobbs has combined a unique resin bonding process with magnificent washable wool to make what we believe to be the finest wool batting in the world. Wool breathes better than other fibers and acts like a natural insulator helping to maintain comfort in summer or winter. Wool is exceptionally easy to quilt by hand or machine with quilt spacing up to 3” apart.


  • Wool batting provides Superb insulation. the fiber breathes, allowing excess heat to disperse away from the body.
  • wool wadding gives warmth without weight. it is naturally hygroscopic and can absorb 30% of its own weight with water without feeling damp.
  • tiny fibers trap Air, forming an insulating barrier that gives warmth in a lightweight batt.
  • Loft retention is excellent, as the fiber sticks to itself to create airspace, instead of relying solely on resins and glues to keep the airspace.
  • Heirlom wool wadding is lightly resonated to provide stability and retard fiber migration.
  • Naturally Mildew resistant and resistant to moth damage when quilted with cotton fabrics.
Hobbs Bonded fibers has Developed this wool batting as a natural fiber alternative to polyester for the discriminating quilter. With proper care, wool is long lasting and hard waring. This wadding could very well outlive the cover fabric of the quilt.



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