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Hollow Lead YDK type fitting for Toyota Sewing Machine

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Hollow Lead YDK type fittings are available for select Toyota Sewing Machines, including RS2000, CB02T, CB03, CB04T, CU27, CU16, CU17, CU37, EC16, EC21, EZ800, EZ801, EZ9000, EZ901, JB04 Jeans, KPN2000, Quilt 50, Quilt 60, RA72, RA75, SA45, SA53, SA63, SA95, SE03, SE04, SE05, SE06, SE13, SE15, SE91, SE92, STF16, STF17, STF27, STF37, STF39, STF91, SL3314, SL3335, SL3487. Some models may differ depending on which factory, so please check the image for confirmation. These are the last few remaining in stock.



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