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Hollow Lead YDK type fitting for Toyota Sewing Machine

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Note. Factories sometimes Reversed the fitting so please ensure you want a Hollow fitting not a solid YDK type


    Power Lead for Toyota Sewing Machines - Note some models are diferend depending which factory - please check image to confirm!!
    • Toyota RS2000
    • CB02T, CB03, CB04T
    • CU27, CU16, CU17, CU37
    • EC16, EC21
    • EZ800, EZ801, EZ9000, EZ901, 
    • JB04 Jeans, 
    • KPN2000, 
    • Quilt 50, Quilt 60
    • RA72, RA75
    • SA45, SA53, SA63, SA95
    • SE03, SE04, SE05, SE06, SE13, SE15, SE91, SE92
    • STF16, STF17, STF27, STF37, STF39, STF91, 
    • SL3314, SL3335, SL3487


    On back order, Expect a delayed delivery.

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