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Lead YDK hollow type fitting for foot control

Singer sewing Machines


Lead comes with fittings to connect to your existing foot control or in to one of our DIY universal foot controls supplied as EU Spec.

Note. Factories sometimes Reversed the fitting so please ensure you want a Hollow fitting not a solid YDK type

This model Fits lots of machines and overlockers. Some models are;

Singer Sewing Machine Leed for;

  • 1007
  • 118, 117 Featherweight II
  • 5502, 5522, 5528, 5505
  • 1014, 1012, 1020, 1030
  • 3515
Singer Overlocker Lead for;
, 14U132, 14U134, 14U185, 14U22, 14U174, 14U14, 14U85, 14U74, 14U557, 14U65, 14U734, 14U52, 14U32, 14U12, 14U53, 14U13, 14SH644, 14U23, 1SH754, , 14U234, 14U285, 14U444, 14U554, 14U544, 14U454, 14U555, 14SH654, 14U554, 14U286.
Lead for Riccar Sewing Machines
  • 525, 
  • 808, 826
  • 8500
  • 9100, 9160
  • RL330, RL333, RL343
Power Lead for Toyota Sewing Machines - Note some models are diferend depending which factory - please check image to confirm!!
  • Toyota RS2000
  • CB02T, CB03, CB04T
  • CU27, CU16, CU17, CU37
  • EC16, EC21
  • EZ800, EZ801, EZ9000, EZ901, 
  • JB04 Jeans, 
  • KPN2000, 
  • Quilt 50, Quilt 60
  • RA72, RA75
  • SA45, SA53, SA63, SA95
  • SE03, SE04, SE05, SE06, SE13, SE15, SE91, SE92
  • STF16, STF17, STF27, STF37, STF39, STF91, 
  • SL3314, SL3335, SL3487
BabyLock Power Leads;
  • BL3-437, BL3-438, BL3-428, BL3-406, BL3-438DF
  • BL4-543, BL4-434, BL4-738, BL4-543DF, BL4-605
  • BL2-205
  • BL5-180, BL5-260. BL5-280
  • BL101

Elna & Elna overlockers


Buy just the lead or the full lead and foot control for your machine.


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