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Madeira Thread Treasure Chest Wooden Embroidery Thread

Madeira Thread

Madeira Thread Treasure Chest -- Wooden


All the colors of the rainbow are available at your fingertips with spools arranged in color families for easy matching. Each spool rests in a molded plastic tray so the spools won t roll around when one or more is removed.


Three deep, easy-glide drawers keep all spools protected from light and dust, extending their life.


Each spool s color swatch, number and name are clearly printed beneath its position, making reordering a snap.


By using one brand of thread for all embroidery, consistency in quality, strength and color is guaranteed throughout your projects.

Madeira 3 Drawer Chest Contains the following wool and cotton threads : 80 reels of Lana No. 12 Embroidery Thread. 200m. 60 reels of Cotona No. 30 x 200m. 10 reels of Metallic No.40 x 200m 4 reels Bobbinfil No. 70 x 1500m Seam Ripper. Thread Snips. Colour Card.

Made in the Black forest of Germany and available in either white with pewter colored drawer pulls or in burl teak with brass colored pulls. Each chest comes with a beautiful matching nameplate.

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