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Male sewing form dummy & dresser
Male Torso Sewing Form & Working Dresser - 8-part body

The fully adjustable male form makes sewing for men so much easier. The body is in 8 sections, and includes an easy to use waist lengthening mechanism.

Sewing Form Features:

12 automatic adjusting wheels
Variable back torso length
8-section body
Folding tripod stand
Pin Cushion.

This Tailors dummy is a great tool for any suit tailor or shirt maker or alterer. It is an adjustable tailoring dummy to allow you to make shirts and jackets to an exact size without the client needing to be present. male tailoring forms are not usually designed to be adjustable to thats why at we give this product our ****EDITORS CHOICE**** for Male Suit Making & Shirt Tailoring products.

Male Dressmaking forms and dummies, we accept card payment with fast free uk delivery, world wide orders at cost price.

Looking to stock a new tailorsworkshop or school classroom?

Large orders, accounts with available on request.

Please note you will receive a brand new unopened Dressform direct from the UK manufacturer. Delivery times can vary based on demand and time of year (usually between 3-10 days), expedited shipping is not available on Dressforms as they are made and sent in order.

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