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UK Sewing Machines


Our machine service centre is based in the center of darlington with a Car Loading Bay accross the road.

simply pay a deposit for the service onlie NOW! attach a copy of the reciept to your machine, drop it off with us and we will contact you when its ready.


Please bring with your machine if you can;

  • Your Sewing Machine for service
  • Foot Control
  • Bobbin Case
  • Bobbin
  • Spare Needles
  • any thread you have been trying to use (if your having problems - if you can)
  • Sample of fabric (if your having proplems - if you can)

Only £35 for a service

uk sewing machines
96 Bondgte


call us if you get lost - 01325 463630


Does your Sewing Machine have any problems; tension, timing etc if so there is


Only £50 for a repair


please note if you dont leave a phone number we cant call you!

Parts with a total of £10 or less will be automaticly fitted, any more we will call you so the bill won't rise above £60 without you knowing about it.

The balence for Service or repair is payable on collection of your sewing machine.

Looking for sewing machine parts?

Why not Trade in, for a New sewing machine. 01325 463630 to discuss


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