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Keep your machine in great working order with this Singer Machine Oil. Specially formulated, this all-purpose oil can be used to oil and fix a variety of different items. Ideal for use on sewing and knitting machines, vacuum cleaners, household appliances, typewriters, computers, bicycle gear, and much more. The bottle contains 4 fluid ounces of oil, and the specially designed top allows for easy access to those hard to reach areas. For reference purposes the item number is 2131.

SINGER® ALL-PURPOSE OIL is a blend of oils selected to enhance adhesive properties for better distribution and to provide lubrication for longer periods than ordinary oils. The frequent use of SINGER® OIL prevents deterioration of domestic and industrial equipment. Not just for sewing machines! Use on fans, bicycles, door hinges, locks, home appliances, etc. Viscosity ISO-VG 10

Also great to lubricate rotary rock tumblers or to use with Diamond Powder on Laps for Polishing.

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