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What is smarter?

Similar to Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda. Pfaff have introduced a budget range of machines to compete with singer, toyota etc. Whats the difference? they have filtered down technology, the 260c has technology usually found on machines in the £1000-£2000 range. 

Forget about the Which best buy or all the magazine adverts and bloggers that get paid to review machines.

This is a machine produced by the worlds most respected sewing machine brand and aimed at all the newcomers, less advertising, production shift to china gives you a top quality german technology machine in a great first machine price category.

Altho pfaff may have shot themselves in the foot theres no need to upgrade unless you want a long arm, unlike the singer and toyota machines that will need upgrading as soon as you get used to sewing lacking the features the 260c offers.

Free Delivery and Free lifetime support

Accessories for this machine are in the K Category.

Just what is it we are talking about;

Hard Cover, Stop/Start, Needle up/Down, Foot Pressure adjuster, Speed Control, Drop Feed.

But i have never heard of them?

Well there no shame in that, let me explain why.

Pfaff is a very exclusive dealer network with only about 20 shops that are authorised to sell the machines. To sell pfaff you need to be able to support and service machines as they are designed to last not to be replaced this obviously rules out all the Big chains and catalog stores as they have no support network or skills to service. This means us busy little shops don't have the time or resources to blog and promote the machines all over the internet, to make them sound like they are popular, but the truth is if you stand in the door of any of these shops I'm sure you would find a large slice of what sells is a Pfaff machine over and above the popular internet choices.

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