UK Sewing Machines

Our upcoming classes for April, please call us on (01325) 463630 or visit for more information or to let us know what other kinds of classes you would be interested in taking.

  • 18th March- Beginners Quilt
  • 19th March- Beginners Quilt
  • 20th March- Beginners Bag
  • 23rd  March- Toy Making
  • 30th March- Beginners Quilt
  • 2nd April- Beginners Quilt
  • 5th April- Beginners Quilt/  Bags of fun
  • 6th April- 10 Min Block (one off class - not repeated)
  • 12th April- Swoon Day - Great hand look quilt!
  • 13th April- Retro Apron
  • 19th April - Hop Scotch Quilt (one of 2 class - not repeated again)
  • 24th April (Evening) - Quilt Blocks
  • 26th April - Hop Scotch Quilt (one of 2 class - not repeated again)
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Written by Matthew Tulloch — April 01, 2013

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