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SINGER ESP2 Steam Press

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SINGER ESP2 Steam Press

Welcolm to the ironing REVOLUTION with the singer electronic steam press V.2 (ESP2) - call 01325 463630.

Free Delivery & Free Extra Cover (don't get caught out waiting for a replacement)

This is the best Singer ironing press ever @, its electronic with super quality that will last years! and what s more it can actually half your ironing time as the pressing area is nearly 10 times that of a conventional iron. Several layers can be pressed simultaneously by gently pulling down the handle, the whole area is pressed at once quickly and easily.
Why not take the drudgery out of the ironing? Sit down, make yourself comfortable, press away and see the pile of ironing disappear.

Ideal for clothes, linens, sewing projects, and household laundry items like draperies and bedding the press features a streamlined handle design that can be operated with one hand.

The steaming function, controlled electronically from the buttons at each side of the handle, variable steam! quickly set the amount of steam at the touch of a button. The steam is pumped electronically from the 300ml water tank, up to the top heated plate. The press can also operate as a dry clothing press.

With its smart, sandwich construction and easy operation, the Singer ESP-2 make s ironing effortless, closing the handle, squeezes the plates together with up to 100lbs of pressure.

Sit down and watch the pile of ironing disappear, while ironing the electronic alarm sounds after 10 seconds. You ll be amazed how quickly the Singer steam press deals with sheets, tablecloths, napkins, etc, the largest items can be folded into the ample space at the back of the board and press multiple layers. Just imagine perfect creases in pants and shirt sleeves in one go.

Lock closed it can be tucked away into a tiny space standing in a vertical position it occupies very little floor space.  

  • Cuts ironing time by as much as 50% and is kind to clothes, helps avoid shining.
  • Choice of automatic high pressure or light pressing steam ironing.
  • Temperature control to suit all types of fabrics.
  • Vary the steam at the touch of a button.
  • Use with steam or not
  • Real steam not just a squirt of water like some...
  • Power ON/OFF and temperature ready indicator.
  • Steam feature helps remove all wrinkles.
  • Automatic safety shut off operates in both closed and open situations.
  • Easy to see LED lamps show the temperature settings.
  • Includes Measuring Cup, Spray Bottle, Pressing Cushion, Instruction Book.
  • Auto pressure, approx 100lbs
  • Steam Press Pressing Bed area 63cm long 26cm wide.


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