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There are 4* main parts that need replacing on an overlocker;

Overlocker Needles

First rule of Overlocking (don't talk about overlocking) just kidding, LOOK IN YOUR OVERLOCKER MANUAL! the amount of overlockers i have had to repair because they have has standard needles put in is obscene. Your manual will give you your needle code;

Singer overlocker needles

Janome Overlocker Needles

Refrences often used in overlocker manuals;

ELx705, 1738/287 Lockstitch, HAx1 SP, 231, DB x 1, 287WH, DC x 1, 81 x 1, ELX05, 130/705H, 15 x 1, HA x 1, 16 x 75, 2054, BL x 4B

Overlocker Blades

It is so important you have sharp blades, the neatness of the stitch and tension are massively effected by poor blades, if you were to have a pin mark or chip out of your blade it can cause even more problems with timing if fabric can get jammed without cutting effectively. (old school advice always have a backup set of blades to change when needed) in fact almost all machines came with extra blades years ago but to try keep costs down its one of the things that have stopped so you need to plan ahead. Availability of old knifes and blades are very low and delivery can be weeks. don't get caught out.

Check out the range of Overlocker Blades & Knives we can get for your machine.

Overlocker Needle Plates

Overlocker Foot Controls

foot controls


*We do Look after more parts but generally its worth looking at a new overlocker when other parts are worn or damaged as it probably a domino effect of problems once you start to replace some worn parts with new (the new parts are then stronger and put more stress on older parts)

Then there is;

Overlocker Feet & Attachments

There is loads of accessories available for overlockers and overlock machines.

Janome Overlocker Feet

Pfaff overlock Feet

Husqvarna overlock Feet

Toyota Overlocker Feet

Singer Overlocker Feet