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Classes Come and Classes Go !

The end of our beloved class year has finally come to an end.

All classes for 2013 or now unfortunately over but we are all looking forward to a very exciting looking 2014 !

We have lots of brilliant one day sewing courses for everyone to look forward to including Quilting, Cushion and Tutorial days for beginners and intermediate sewing enthusiasts. 

Our classes will be starting around the mid-january time, if all class lovers would like to receive email updates please visit our Sewing site and sign up to the emailing list. 

if emails aren't your kind of thing you could always pop into our shop in Darlington and ask about the dates, times and information on new classes.

We will also be selling our 2013 class machines on our Brother sewing day which will be the 13th and 14th of December 2013.

Brother will be entertaining customers in our shop over the Friday and Saturday between 10am and 4pm by demonstrating the new and used machines that will come with big discounts and freebies.

Our class machines will have big discounts and new machines will have prices slashed and numerous models come with quilt kits that include extension tables and walking feet.

Call 01325 463630

Or come and visit us at

96 Bondgate 



Dont Miss Out !



Written by stuart young — December 07, 2013

A-maze-ing patchwork blocks

This is a very time consuming quilt design, we will set you on your way with all the information to finish your for homework depending how big you want to make your quilt. This is a great summery pattern ideal for a picnic blanket, summer beach throw to keep you cozy when it gets cooler in the evening. 

We will use ours on our family adventures in our bell tent, we opted for the 100% wool wadding for that extra special feeling Of comfort and warmth.


Made with jelly rolls, note you will need 2 the same or similar to make the full size quilt. 


Dates TBC

Written by Claire Young — April 11, 2013

Bookshelf Patchwork Blocks

Learn 4 new patchwork blocks to make some fantastic looking quilt designs. Ideal for;

  • Table runner
  • Bookshelf wall hanging
  • Children's quilt 
  • Full quilt


Day class £30 - 01325463630


Dates TBC

Is it a Quilt - No! is it a Pillow - No! Its a Quillo

A Quilt that Folds in to itself to make a pillow....


Well the baby is getting older now.  He is 10 weeks old! Can't beleive where the time has gone.  The sunny weather set my mind racing.  We got a tent for Christmas and are planning our 1st adventure as a family.  As you can imagine we have lots to pack even to see my parents in Lancashire nevermind camping!


I will of course be packing my Quillo.  Quillo/Quillow is a quilt and a pillow in one and what is more exciting is that you can make your own here in our classes.  Just imagine where you will use yours....... At home? In the garden? At the park? By the river/lake? In the tent? In the caravan? Or simply on your bed incase the summer nights get a bit cold.


So what is it?  Well it's a quit that neatly folds up into a pillow and I love it because the pouch keeps my toes toasty warm. You could quilt as little or as much as you like and add a strap too.  Come a long and have a go.....


Happy Quillowing.....!


Written by Claire Young — December 01, 2012

Simple A Line Skirt (NEW)

6th April- Simple A Line Skirt (NEW)

Due to demand from the Great British Sew Off on BBC2 we will be running an A-Line skirt class on Saturday. 

£40 for the day

£65 for the class and accommodation in our B&B


Hurry to book your place - 01325 463630

10-4pm materials available in store. 

Written by stuart young — April 02, 2013

Upcoming classes - dates

Our upcoming classes for April, please call us on (01325) 463630 or visit for more information or to let us know what other kinds of classes you would be interested in taking.

  • 18th March- Beginners Quilt
  • 19th March- Beginners Quilt
  • 20th March- Beginners Bag
  • 23rd  March- Toy Making
  • 30th March- Beginners Quilt
  • 2nd April- Beginners Quilt
  • 5th April- Beginners Quilt/  Bags of fun
  • 6th April- 10 Min Block (one off class - not repeated)
  • 12th April- Swoon Day - Great hand look quilt!
  • 13th April- Retro Apron
  • 19th April - Hop Scotch Quilt (one of 2 class - not repeated again)
  • 24th April (Evening) - Quilt Blocks
  • 26th April - Hop Scotch Quilt (one of 2 class - not repeated again)
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Special offer - £55 for Sewing Break! Accommodation & Workshop!

Beginers Sewing Machine Skills

This is a class if you if you have never used a machine before.

We are very confident you can tackle one of our projects even if you havnt even threded a machine before but if your looking to pick up lots of basic skills in one day this is the class for you,

  • stitching
  • threading
  • zips
  • piping
  • embroidery

Written by Helen Kipling — December 01, 2012